Get Yourself Elevated In the Smart Ambiance of Tata Eureka Park

Make your life easier and simpler in a new address Tata Eureka Park, located in sector 150, Noida. A superb residential project perfectly constructed close to all conveniences around offers a matchless lifestyle. By allocating a smart lifestyle in the project, it has created a whole elevated ambiance for the end-user home buyers where they will get the chance to live in a total upgrade ambiance. Tata Eureka Park is offering 2 & 3 BHK smart living; here the project has installed a home automation system in each apartment of the project that allows you to easily handle the home at any far.

Get your Home in Tata Eureka park

The best part of the project is it has received everything in an updated version, also, the apartments in the project are running through a smart application so that you can run this through your smartphones and easy to get all things in one place. Additionally, the development is just superbly intended with outstanding features and amenities in a secure gated society.

Given below are some essential advantages of buying a home in Tata Eureka Park by Tata Value Homes that hardly you can get in other housing developments.

Conveniently Protect Your Home in Tata Eureka Park

Conveniently Protect Your Home in Tata Eureka Park

Get yourself in its secure community, where the project is offering you trouble-free premises by allocating an enhanced level of security. Surveillance cameras, manned security, and Digital AV door phone are allocated where you can easily get encircled in between the advanced level of a safe environment.

Keep An Eye On Your Kids & Aging Parents

Keep An Eye On Your Kids & Aging Parents

As it is a smart home you can run it through smartphones as I’ve mentioned before. Similarly, the home has received a camera in each section and you will have a sharp eye on each activity sitting anywhere. This is a nice feature added to this project, it will keep you updated on each activity.

Trim Your Energy Bills

Trim Your Energy Bills

Yes, It’s a great sign! As the project carries home automation features, it offers the best kind of lifestyle ever, here the developer has allocated app-controlled LED light that you can Turn on / Turn off at any time. In case, you left the lights on, you can easily turn them off through your smartphones. This feature is another add-on to smart homes; it not only saves energy consumption but also saves your money too.

Answer the Door from Anywhere

Nowadays, you can see this feature in any residential project, with AV camera facilities many homes introduced themselves quite distinct in the housing market, but when it comes to Tata Eureka Park the thing is a little different, here the development is offering video door phones, additionally, without home owner’s permission, no anonymous person can enter their property.

As apartments in this project are carrying keyless entry (smart security). To unlock the apartment you must need these passcodes:

  • Thumb impression
  • Voice command
  • Passcode

The Decision Time

Get ready to live in the smart ambiance of Tata Eureka Park, where in each step you’ll be encircled by a smart ambiance. Most importantly, although it is a smart home, it comes in an affordable budget amount, that too in the smart sector of Noida, in sector 150. The sector is quite famous for excellent connectivity and robust social & Physical infrastructure.

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