Things You Should Know While Setting Up Smart Home

Home automation system has for long been the reserved feature for the elite class. Thanks to the advancement in technology and increasing affordability, we are at a stage where almost everyone can afford home automation with customized features according to the budget & requirement.

Things You Should Know While Setting Up Smart Home

The concept of home automation has evolved from pressing buttons to open a door or to control drapes, now it is more about providing high-security features and being able to remotely monitor and manage the space. As a bonus, homes equipped with automation features tend to be much more energy-efficient than ordinary homes.

If we talk about the real estate of India, here with the boom in the sector many prospective home buyers are looking for full or partial automated homes. While many real estate developers in India give you choice even as you buy a new home, many buyers just buy a home and take the help of home automation companies for better solutions.

According to the experts in real estate & home automation, the first thing on the wish list of homebuyers is security, after that automated and energy-efficient lighting systems. Maybe, initially, the cost of home automation seems high but in the future, it will turn into savings. Because an energy-efficient home can recover the funds spent on automation within 3-4 years just from the energy savings.

And the best thing is smartphones & smart devices are also changing the picture, letting homeowners take control of their homes no matter where they are. No wonder, a smart home is now a well-connected home.



There are lots of things you can do in lighting with a home automation system like mood lighting, on or off when there is no one in the room. This system works on sensors price generally starting from Rs. 4000, on the other hand, lighting with times are cheaper with starting price of Rs. 2000. Here you can control the brightness of the light according to the ambiance.


Many people prefer a complete security system with CCTV surveillance like IR Bullet and Speed Dome capturing a wider area and work even in very low light. On the other hand, a more convenient solution for Indian homes is a video door phone system. Many companies offer a video door phone option with a door lock & unlock system remotely. Many companies also offer biometric lock systems.


Another best automation option is to control the air-conditioning or heating in every room from a smart device and set it as per your need even if you are away from your home. Use can remotely switch off or on an AC or & on the heater before you enter the home.


There are many other things you can do with the modern technology of home automation system like open & close curtains with the click of a button from any corner of the home. You can open and close the door of your garage, and control different home equipment through voice control or a smart device.


According to the engineers, automation for a new home should be planned from the stage when the floor plan & electrical layout is prepared. This would facilitate a well-designed result that perfectly goes with the expectations of the homeowners. Even though you can also automate your old home but it needs lots of alteration & compromised too. So, it is better to plan your home automation in the initial state of construction. You can also buy a fully automated apartment in the city like Noida from reputed developer Tata Housing, their residential project Tata Eureka Park Noida Sector 150 offers smart apartments with smart features & amenities.