What are the Floor Plans in Tata Eureka Park?

The floor plan accentuates the perfect layout showing the overall size of the unit where one can check the perfect direction of the kitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom and to understand its usability and have a clear view of it where one can judge its space, ventilated, sunlight, privacy and lots more.

How important floor plan is in the real estate sector?

The Tata Eureka Park Floors plans is the face of the project that gives you a fair amount of idea on how your apartment is going to look how much size it will be offering to reside, so floor plan is an important concern in the real estate sector, so whenever you plan for investment always look for its floor plan to understand the space and to get clarity on your new home.

Tata Eureka Park Noida Floor Plan

Which is the best floor plan in the real estate sector?

Today builders are trying everything to bring its best floor plan where it can take out the best use of space and add a futuristic plan to get its appropriate use.

As mentioned above, the floor plan is the most important concern along with the other concerns that include modern amenities, features, security system, location and more, so next time do not forget to check the floor plan.

Now as far as the best floor plan is concerned Tata Eureka Park offers 4 different plans showcasing the perfect amalgamation of space, direction and position and area.

Tata Eureka Park Floor Plan

TYPE-A (2 BHK+2 Toilet)

  • Kitchen space- 2135×2485
  • Living- 3200×4880
  • Bedroom 2- 3350×3300
  • Bedroom 1- 3200×4320
  • Balcony 1 & 2- 1500
  • Balcony 3- 1220
  • Toilet 1- 2185×1525
  • Toilet 2- 1600×2085

TYPE-B (3 BHK+2 Toilets)

  • Living – 4270×4650
  • Kitchen- 2770×2050
  • Bedroom 1- 4125×3280
  • Bedroom 2- 3350×3300
  • Bedroom 3- 3050×3150
  • 3 balconies- 1350, 1365 and 1500
  • 2 Toilets- 1525×2210

 TYPE-B (3 BHK+3 Toilet+Servant.T)

  • Living- 4880×4955
  • Kitchen- 3050×2135
  • M.bedroom- 3350×4270
  • Bedroom 2- 3600×3250
  • Bedroom 3- 3200×3500
  • Toilet 1- 2400×1525
  • Toilet 2- 1525×2170
  • Toilet 3- 1525×2185
  • Balcony- 1500 wide
  • Balcony- 1250 wide


Tata Eureka Park Noida is the perfect investment option in sector 150, Noida which gives you smart living space, adds home automation features, healthy ambiance, and lots more to level up the living standards and meet a lucrative real estate investment.